About the Artist
Nature Photographer at heart...

I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. My work first appeared on the worldwide web on the former Boundless Gallery website. Being a Native Floridian, a good portion of my work has been taken throughout the State of Florida. My "tropical photos" were shot throughout the various islands of the Eastern & Western Caribbean.

In July of 2014, I finally made it to my "BUCKET LIST" destination - ALASKA!!! Our 49th state is definitely overflowing in natural beauty for a nature photographer to just go completely nuts with a camera! I know that I really need to return a couple of times again because the best way to describe Alaska is LARGE! So much to captivate and awe inspire an artist as well as to challenge them with it's climate, wildlife, moutains and fjords. Ahhhh....ALASKA!!

I prefer photographing scenery & wildlife "as is" meaning in their natural light, their natural habitat. I am also a fan of infra-red photography; I find that applying this technique in nature photography creates an image that appears "ethereal" or "fantasy-like" which just draws and holds the eye. The light, the shadows, the contrasts - that  is what just makes me a content photographer!

A good quality photograph begins at the lens and the viewfinder and that is my intended goal with every shot. Digital imagery with it's sharp crispness and film images in B&W with all that lovely graininess. That's what photography is all about to me.

Please come into the Galleries...browse....enjoy!

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Ellie Baker-Cardenas