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Ellie Baker-Cardenas
Thank you for your interest in my restoration services. Let me state this right up front 

                            ****I DO NOT HANDLE YOUR ORIGINAL PRINT****

Please email me your request with the image attached so that I may reveiw the project and determine if my software can handle the work depending on the state of disrepair your print suffers. Include in your email your contact info. If you use any spam blocker, please remember to include my address : 

                      [email protected] 

in your accepted list so that my coorespondance with you comes through. Please allow a 72 hr. turn around for me to review the project and contact you with the solution and cost. I may require a copy of the image on disc mailed to me if the quality of the attachment is not suitable. If I do, please scan your photo on a DVD (not a CD), place it in a plastic case & a padded mailing envelope for shipment. Customer pays for this shipment to me as it is apart of the requested restoration job that you are hiring me to do. At this point I will provide you a mailing address. The DVD will be included in your package sent back to you. Once we agree on the job (including the time frame to accomplish the job), you will be  emailed a seperate invoice where you can pay via PayPal. All items will be shipped upon receipt of payment.
Restoration Work for Hire